Engagement sessions are a great opportunity to celebrate this unique phase of life. It’s great to practice before the wedding day! For me, I want the portrait process to be as synergistic as possible, and so having some time to work on posing together as well as get a feel for your taste before the big day is essential to the process.

Another reason that I love engagement sessions is that you learn to trust me. Trust is so essential to my relationships with my clients and when my clients see that I understand them, and that I know how to make them look fantastic in their photos, we can get down to the business of making great photos.

Oh, did I mention... Engagement sessions are just plain fun. Engagement photos are a great excuse to put aside the stressful parts of planning a wedding and just enjoy one another and have some fun together... and you get to use the photos for save-the-date cards, guest books and other pre-wedding items to make your special day even better.

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