Hi, I am Katy Beth!

I absolutely love to tell stories. I picked up my first camera before a trip to Los Angeles in 2014. It was there that I realized I saw something different through my lens than what others saw - a lone droplet water trickling off the side of a fountain, the joy of kids playing in water and the shock on their face when they realized it was a little bit too cold, the dust on a piano that hadn't been played in too long...

So here I am hundreds of thousands shots later. I'm the kind of photographer that will tell stupid jokes to make a kid laugh and will ruin a new pair of pants to get the perfect angle (or jump on a ledge as seen in the picture to the right). I will stay up all night editing, because I get lost in the beauty of the details. I will work tirelessly to ensure my clients get the pictures that they expect and deserve. And I love the new challenges that every shoot brings. 

I have captured the love between two people as they celebrate a marriage. I have captured the joy on a mother's face as she holds her daughter in her hands after the doctors had said she would never have kids. I have captured the heartbreak of a parent as she soothes her sick child, and the relief in the same moment as she realizes it's one day closer to her son's cancer treatment being finished. I have captured concerts and engagements and family sessions and seniors and traveled part of the world.

So what do you say? Let's tell some beautiful stories together. It would be my honor.

(PS - those crazy goons in my cover photo are my siblings! I'm the youngest with two older brothers and then I have a bonus sister who married into our family :D)



“Katy Beth Barber is by far the most attentive, creative, kind, and professional photographer we have ever used! My daughter’s senior portraits are absolutely stunning! Katy Beth was able to capture my daughter’s soul! You see her inner light shining through in every photograph. There is something very special about Katy Beth Barber! Book her for any portraits or photos you need. You won’t be disappointed!!”