Hi, my name is KB. I am a joy-seeker & story-teller.

My name is Katy Beth Barber, but feel free to call me KB! I am from the South and we love our double names ;)

If there is one thing in this world that I love it's finding joy through stories. I grew up singing and dancing and making up shows with my two older brothers when I was a kid. I now live in New York City (NYC) where I am a full-time professional artist - Singer, Actor, Designer, and Photographer. Throughout my entire life, I have always loved finding the joy and making magic happen from the small moments, which can be seen in my photography. There is no moment, no detail too small for me. Whether capturing your shoes and tie on your wedding day, wiping your child's tear away during a family session, or the heartfelt laughter that stems from belly laughter during a portrait session, you can count on me to capture it all and tell the full story. Our lives are so precious, so meaningful, so joy-filled, and it is my honor to walk alongside you - whether for a few minutes, hours, or days - to tell your story.

Though I am currently based in New York City, I LOVE to travel. I have family in Chattanooga, TN (where I'm from) and often travel to Atlanta, GA and Miami, FL. But, there is no place too big or too small that I wouldn't love to meet you in and capture your story!