Hello! My name is Katy Beth Barber and my favorite thing in the world is creating art. Also chocolate, but I mean who doesn't like chocolate? Whether I am singing or dancing on stage or behind the camera during a session, I have learned to see and create something special in every single moment.

I am a truth-seeker. A miracle-watcher. A moment-finder. A storyteller.


But telling stories is more than just something I enjoy doing - it is my passion, my purpose. I picked up my first camera before a trip to Los Angeles in 2014. It was there that I realized I saw something different through my lens than what others saw - a lone droplet water trickling off the side of a fountain, the joy of kids playing in water and the shock on their face when they realized it was a little bit too cold, the dust on a piano that hadn't been played in too long...


So here I am a million shots later. I'm the kind of photographer that will tell stupid jokes to make a kid laugh and will ruin a new pair of pants to get the perfect angle (or jump on a ledge as seen in the picture to the right). I will stay up all night editing, because I get lost in the beauty of the details. I will work tirelessly to ensure my clients get the pictures that they expect and deserve. And I love the new challenges that every shoot brings.


I have captured the love between two people as they celebrate a marriage. I have captured the joy on a mother's face as she holds her daughter in her hands after the doctors had said she would never have kids. I have captured the heartbreak of a parent as she soothes her sick child, and the relief in the same moment as she realizes it's one day closer to her son's cancer treatment being finished. I have captured concerts and engagements and family sessions and seniors and traveled part of the world.


I have witnessed miracles. I have created and discovered moments. I have told hundreds of stories.


So what do you say? Let's make some beautiful art together! It would be my honor.

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